Momo Training – Health, Fitness, Wellness and Performance

Personal Training, Fitness Instruction, Health Education, Consultation, and Sport Coaching in Jyväskylä.

Momo Training provides high quality, professional health, fitness and wellness services to individuals, groups and organisations in the Jyväskylä and Central Finland area.

Whatever your health and fitness requirements, we can help you set your goals, and motivate, educate, guide and inspire you to achieve those goals.

Momo Training provides a full, comprehensive health, fitness, wellness and performance training and coaching service for YOUR specific needs. Let us manage your health and fitness project.

Not just Personal Training, but Person Building!

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Momo Training provides the very best personal training, performance coaching, wellness and health education services.

Personal Training

Your own personalised health and fitness project – planned and managed

Workplace Wellness

Health and fitness in your workplace – Employee Health = Business Success

Sports Performance

Coaching, training, living and planning to be your best – perform to WIN

Health Education

Lectures, workshops, activities – Health and fitness knowledge and skills

Group Classes

Small group training sessions and courses for all health and fitness needs


Momo Training designs, and delivers a range of mini-group training classes and courses for a broad range of fitness levels, and needs.


Run, jump, lift, swing, throw… – High energy, fast paced, FUN!
Price: 10 € / 7 €

Core and More

Stabilize, mobilize and strengthen your core, combined with a great workout
Price: 10 € / 8 €

Kettle Bell Body

Swing, lift, press, curl and squat to build a fit, strong & lean body
Price: 10 € / 8 €

Meta Blast

Jump, bound, lift, run, squat and lunge to boost your metabolism and burn fat!
Price: 10 € / 8 €

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