Michael Ormshaw

Michael Ormshaw

Personal Trainer
040 588 0628
Michael is a trainer, coach, mentor and educator with over 15 years experience. During that time he has helped hundreds of clients set and achieve their own specific health, fitness and performance goals.

Michael is a consummate professional, highly knowledgeable and skilled in the fields of health and fitness and sports performance. Michael prides himself on motivating people to become healthier and fitter people by ensuring that not only the correct techniques and methods are used for each individual client, but that everything he does with a client is fun, challenging yet rewarding, and goal oriented.

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momo training is based at Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki

Your personal training consultation and training session will take place in the new, fully equipped, penthouse gym in the Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki. You will have full access to luxurious changing and sauna facilities.

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