Bootcamp sessions offer fun and fitness for everyone. Using various methods of functional training and a wide variety of sometimes unconventional equipment, everyone will be pushed to their limit in a motivational and fun group environment.

Bootcamp is suitable for all levels of fitness as you work and exercise to your own capabilities and ability, in team situations, in pairs, and in circuit-based interval training.

Bootcamp provides a break from the norm, and no two sessions are the same. Sessions are designed to enhance functional strength, muscular power, muscular endurance, mobility, aerobic fitness and endurance. You’re guaranteed to end your bootcamp exhausted but invigorated and energized.

  • tyre flipping
  • plyometrics
  • boxing
  • battling ropes
  • agility drills
  • team games
  • races
  • kettlebells
  • power drills
  • neuromuscular development
  • speed training
  • strength development
  • whole body power
  • functional mobility
  • flexibility


10€ (7€ for students)

When and where?

Monday morning @ 08.30 Lutakonaukio
Sunday afternoon @ 15.30 Lutakonaukio


Intermediate – advanced fitness level
Moderate difficulty

For more information

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