The Kettle bell body session is a mini-group class using kettle bells for a comprehensive whole body workout.

We use various whole body, functional movements to create a session designed to tone muscle, develop functional strength, and improve whole body mobility.

The kettle bell body workout is great for improving muscle definition, improving strength and mobility for everyday use as well as burning body fat quite like no other workout.

Based upon High Intensity Training (HIT), functional training, and Metafit principles, this workout will boost your metabolism and lead to long lasting effects.

Held in the private sauna at Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki, the group is restricted to a maximum of 6 people.

You will experience the best combination of personal training in a group training situation.


10€ (8€ for Sokos Hotel staff)

When and where?

TIME TBA Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki, tilaussauna


Intermediate fitness level
Moderate difficulty

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