Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki Jyväskylä
Lutakonaukio 10

Jyväskylä, 40100 Finland
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Meta-BOOST is a fast and intense metabolism boosting mini-group class and circuit training.
Meta-boost is 30-40 minutes of whole-body bodyweight movements utilising combinations of the body’s largest muscle groups to perform large powerful and dynamic movements and isometric holds.
The class will use the minimum of equipment and be intense. We perform group movements and exercises and also do circuits of powerful and explosive exercises. All this adds up to a High Intensity, metabolism boosting workout that will leave you drenched in sweat, with your lungs burning and your muscles shaking.
Incinerate fat and sculpt lean muscle like never before!

Held in the gym or private sauna at Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki, the group is restricted to a maximum of 6 people.

You will experience the best combination of personal training in a group training situation.

SESSION COST: 10€ (8€ for Sokos Hotel staff)
When and where? Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki, kuntosali tai tilaus sauna
SUNDAY 15.30

LEVEL: Intermediate to advanced fitness level
Moderate difficulty