Why Workplace Wellness?

“A healthy workforce is a happy workforce”

“A fit worker is a functional worker”

“A well workplace is a wealthy workplace”

Workplace wellness programmes have been proven to decrease absenteeism, increase profitability, improve workforce morale and motivation, and most importantly of all improve the health and wellbeing of employees in and out of the workplace.

A workplace wellness programme will act as a screening tool for chronic illness, a preventative tool to minimize sickness, an auditing tool to evaluate the health and wellbeing of your organisation, as well as an effective health and fitness improvement strategy for all the workforce.


Momo Workplace Wellness

Momo Workplace Wellness will provide a bespoke, comprehensive corporate health and fitness programme and solution for your company-wide workforce, from the individual employee level, to the organisational level.

Based upon the proven philosophy that a healthy workforce in a healthy workplace results in increased productivity, improved job satisfaction, enhanced motivation, decreased health care costs, reduced absenteeism, as well as the obvious improvement in workforce health, Momo Workplace Wellness will guide your organisation through every stage of workplace wellness strategy development and implementation, through the “four P’s”:

1. Philosophy

Identify the company philosophy of employee health and fitness

2. Policy

Develop organisational level employee health and wellness policy

3. Planning

Programme development and planning

4. Practice

Implementation of wellness programme and project  management / evaluation / reporting

Momo training has extensive experience of workplace wellness management and delivery, including strategy and programme design, healthy workplace practices, doctor referral schemes, cardiac rehabilitation and return to work schemes.

Achieve Corporate Goals with a Healthy a Fit Workforce
A Healthy Workforce is a Winning Workforce

Momo Training Workplace Wellness Process and Components
Momo Training Workplace Wellness Process and Components

The step-by-step implementation of your workplace wellness programme

Your bespoke workplace wellness programme can include any of the above components to achieve the results you require for yourself and your colleagues.

For example, to meet your specific needs we can:

  • Write your mission statement
  • Establish and chair your wellness workgroup
  • Develop your workplace wellness strategy, perform a needs analysis and set measurable goals
  • Perform employee health and fitness assessments (body comp, cholesterol, pulm. function, cardiovascular and muscular fitness)
  • Design your organisation wide programme
  • Run break-time mobility sessions
  • Run fitness classes (pilates, functional fitness, kettlebell, yoga)
  • Lead health and fitness workshops and lectures
  • Perform individual lifestyle assessment consultations – risk assessment
  • Measure programme effectiveness (cost/benefit analysis)
  • Report, and re-evaluate

Momo Training workplace wellness truly is a comprehensive and bespoke service for your exacting needs.

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